The Alaska Conference of Animal Health Researchers is a volunteer organization dedicated to improving the comparative collection of information available to researchers working on northern and Alaskan faunal collections.

Volunteers also try to get information to other archaeologists and researchers and the community through workshops, presenting papers or sponsoring symposia, and eventually possibly producing publications.

The Alaska Conference of Animal Health Researchers is an interest group dedicated to helping wildlife in Alaska and has a vested interest in improving the collective knowledge of fossils and animal health in Alaska

Anybody with an interest in the study of animal bones, hair, and shell, particularly in northern areas, may be interested in the conference such as researchers, academics, and more.

This organization is dedicated to helping people better understand the various health issues that face Alaskan animals and how to make the landscape a better place for future generations to come.

There are a variety of health issues facing Alaskan people as well. For example, some people who received IVC filters have attributed those to massive health problems (you can learn more about this at There are a variety of issues facing Alaskans today, and we hope to shed light on those in the future as well.